Leicester City players James Pearson, Tom Hopper, and Adam Smith are under fire after video of a strange orgy during the team’s recent end-of-season trip to Thailand has made its way public.

In addition to the embarrassment of having their bro-y, bitchin’ orgy leaked online—you can view uncensored portions below—Pearson (who is also the manager’s son), Hopper and Smith can be heard making at least one racially insensitive remark toward the three Thai girls involved with the players.


According to The Daily Mirror, who were given the footage after the players shared the video with friends around the U.K., Hopper says one of the women is “fucking minging,” while another man off-camera refers to one of the women as “slit-eye.”

Pearson or Smith also ask Hopper to swap women at one point, and the video finally ends with Hopper and Pearson high-fiving each other.

What were these players doing in Thailand, you ask? Leicester City is partnered with the Tourism Authority of Thailand, and the trip was part of a goodwill effort on behalf of Leicester’s Thai owners.


If Pearson, Hopper or Smith make it back to the team next season, the “Its Amazing Thailand” ad that normally appears on the back of their jerseys will have an extra special meaning.

Update (5:37 p.m): Twitter user @Ats_spin has been tweeting out uncensored videos of the orgy. We compiled them into one big orgy video:

[The Daily Mirror]

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