For the second time in three months, Reddit brings you an account of a guy blessed with a little more than the rest of us. Here's a guy with three balls. 2014 has been weird so far.

Last night, a guy claiming to have just turned 18—and as is tradition, thereby able to post photos of his junk—went on Reddit and posted a photo of what appears to be three testicles. Since it's why you're here, here's the photo. We'd caution that unlike DoubleDickDude, there's only the one photo, so this is on a lower tier of confirmedness, but it's also a less uncommon medical condition.


The condition of having more than two testicles is known as polyorchidism, and comes in two flavors. Type A is when the additional testicle or testicles are connected to the vas deferens, which transports sperm, and functional as any other testicle would. Type B is not connected to the vas deferens, and just dead weight. Our friend from Reddit is lucky, because sometimes these "supernumerary" testicles don't descend, and aren't immediately noticeable; there's a high rate of testicular cancer involved with that.

So what's it like having three balls? GardenofGandalf, the Reddit user, doesn't have quite as many insane sex stories as DoubleDickDude, which is understandable given he's basically a kid. He isn't even sure of the extra onion is helping with production or not. But he does have an answer for what seems to be the most immediate question, regarding day-to-day life:

MrCommentator: Do your balls get in the way a lot when you try to walk?

GardenofGandalf: They kind of orient themselves in a way that doesnt cause any problems.

There is also this, from another redditor, which is the most squirm-inducing thing you will read today:

MafuZa: Please read this: Have you considered the possibility that you might have inguinal hernia? I was born with inguinal hernia and that's exactly how my balls looked until I had it fixed when I was 20. I always thought I had three balls but it turned out that I had one ball in the sack, the other ball hiding in my pelvic cavity and what looked like the second and third balls were actually my intestines leaking into my ballsack.

Have yourself checked for inguinal hernia. If untreated, it can lead to horrible pain and disfiguration of the groin.

Happy Monday.


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