Last night's 13 New England win over the Jets was a godsend for fans of frustrated and furious Tom Brady reaction images. Fans of football? Not so much.

"I think I have to do a better job with my body language," a stone-faced Brady conceded after the game. "I definitely can improve that. I wouldn't say it's a real strong point of mine right now."

Blame it on the rain. Blame it on the rookie receivers. Blame it on the fact that there has seemingly never, ever been a good Thursday game, and there never will be because football players are creatures of habit and don't do well with their between-games routine slashed by three days, but there's no sense complaining because Thursday games are here to stay since they get ratings and singlehandedly justify the NFL Network's existence. But that was brutal. And this is the winning team!


Tom Brady was 19 of 39 passing for 185 yards, his worst totals since a frigid Boxing Day in Buffalo in 2010. Julian Edelman did his best Welker/Amendola impression, hauling in 13 catches for just 78 yards out of the slot. But first-year wideouts Aaron Dobson and Kenbrell Thompkins each had a nasty case of the drops: the two combined for five receptions on 17 targets.

Your two-gif game recap:

Gisele may have no patience for drops, but Brady—once the win was secured, anyway—struck a conciliatory tone.

"I think it’s unrealistic for them to feel like they do it like 10-year veterans. It’s not what they are, but they’re trying hard and they work really hard and they have a lot of skill and they’re great kids."

The Patriots were carried, as they have quietly and increasingly been in recent years, by their defense. Without showing much in the way of a blitz, Geno Smith was pressured into ill-advised throws, often on the run, three times ending up in the hands of a New England defender. "Over the years our offense has bailed us out so many times," Jerod Mayo said, but even with Rob Gronkowski a couple of weeks away, the Patriots are going to have to live with close, frustrating games like this one.


There's no panic in New England, because they are 2-0 after all, even if they will likely emerge from the weekend the league's worst 2-0 team. The rookie receivers will have their time to learn. Rob Gronkowski will be back in a couple of weeks. And of course the main reason why the Pats have won 10 out of 11 AFC Easts: the rest of the AFC East.

Enjoy your Tom Brady "are you kidding me?" gallery.