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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Messed-Up Mugshots & Dead Jermaine Dupri: May In Local News Blunders

We Regret The Error is our monthly look at local news mistakes and the subsequent boilerplate apologies. Spy a blunder on your local news? Let us know.


Last month's We Regret The Error left many of you clamoring for a change to our Family Feud-style buzzer system. We admit it was a mistake to subject you to that noise, and We Regret The Error. This month we've swapped the 'Feud out for another pre-primetime game show theme and hope you enjoy the gentle admonishing tone of one Alex Trebek.

Your losers this month are KGET, WAFF, WHNS, WNEP, and WWBT—all of which had multiple entries in today's video. Special credit goes to WNEP which had to offer apologies for two different stories on the same day (May 31st). That having been said, none of the mistakes are especially scandalous, though falsely accusing a high school student critically injured in a car accident of DUI is kind of shitty (as is accusing a dead cop of not following police procedure).