This intense photo comes from a Polish league match over the weekend. One supporter of visiting Zaglebie Lubin attempted to climb the fence keeping them from the rest of the stadium, so a police officer gave him a blast of pepper spray. Did we mention the fan was holding a flare?

Pepper spray‚ÄĒmore specifically, the propellant‚ÄĒis highly flammable. (This was on Mythbusters!) The flare ignited the propellant, and a photographer captured the split second it all went to hell.

It was an incredibly lucky photo, because the fireball was brief‚ÄĒthe second the police officer stopped spraying, it went out. Here's video‚ÄĒit's hard to pick out, but it happens just after the 1:40 mark. Watch the fan waving his flare on the left side of the screen.

[via 101 Great Goals]