Icelandic Dipshits Totally Owned By Giant Parking-Garage Cat Door

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Look, there's a lot going on here, and the only available information has to be translated from the Icelandic, so bear with me: I'm doing the best I can. From available news reports (headline: "Icelander panties girlfriend and drove car sales - mixed video!"), we can glean that this transpired three years ago in the parking garage of a Reykjavík office tower called Höfðatorg, and is just now appearing online thanks to a dude who works in the building and is now doing his best to explain it to reporters:

"I kind of guessed that the girl was supposed to pee in the shot. Then this naked boy sits behind the wheel and drive into. So he tries to get out again, but there is a hook on the car and that he always stuck there and can not get out, "says Albert Thor Guðbrandsson, administrator Cape Marco.

Here's the same thing in YouTube form, if that's helpful (it's not):

In any event, the parking-garage guy has put a firm number on the damage done here, and is even working on some catch phrases:

"The gate was irreparably damaged and wrecked car and the potential loss of five million," said Albert, adding: "This happens only in Hollywood and Höfðatorg."


Forget it, Albert. It's Höfðatorg.

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