Idiot On Field Who Helped His Team Win Gets Team Kicked Out Of League

Ramildo Fonseca, a masseur for the Brazilian Serie D team Aparecidence, recently pulled the insane stunt of getting in his team's goal and actually blocking should-be goals, has gotten his team kicked out of Serie D.

Thanks to Fonseca, Aparacidence advanced in the playoffs, but only momentarily. Tupi has taken over the spot left vacant by the jettisoned team. As for Fonseca himself, he's been suspended 24 games and fined. And, since it's Brazil, he's had his life threatened.

Idiot On The Field Helps His Team Advance To The Playoffs

During Saturday night's Brazilian Serie D match between Aparecidence and Tupi, an Idiot On The Field altered the outcome and sent his team into the playoffs.

Let's set up the situation. With about a minute left, the score was 2-2. Aparecidence (the club in white) would advance to the semi-finals on account of their away goals, so Tupi (the club in stripes) needed a win to get by. Tupi generated a last-chance offensive attack as the match winded down and looked like they had a guaranteed goal past the keeper when our Idiot On The Field—apparently a masseur for Aparecidence—jumped in, deflecting not one but two shots. He was then chased off of the field, but the game ended with Tupi losing. Everyone was fucking furious, obviously.

The match's result will reportedly be reviewed by officials.

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