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If You Don't Hate Tom Petty Now, You Will Soon

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If you've been wondering, as I have, whose voice ABC is going to forcefully clobber you over the head with during the NBA Finals, we now have an answer: Tom Petty.

Two Petty songs will be featured, the titles of which are "Saving Grace" and "Big Weekend." I haven't heard either song, mainly because they've not been releaed yet. They're on an album entitled "Highway Companion" that's not hitting shelves until this summer.


Tom Petty's obvious connection to the NBA is... actually, I can't think of a single one. In the above picture, it looks like he's in compliance with the NBA's dress code, so that might count. He also might be able to show Zach Randolph and Darius Miles where to score some good leaf.

The man is 56 years old. If there's more than three players in the NBA that own a Tom Petty CD, I'd be shocked. Greg Ostertag might've been a good bet, but he just retired. Brad Miller, maybe. Fewer than half of the teams in the NBA even have coaches as old as Tom Petty. Makes perfect sense.

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