If You've Ever Wanted To Hear Stephen A. Smith Talk About Fucking, Here You Go

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The Big Lead’s Stephen Douglas has done the world a service today by discovering some old clips of Stephen A. Smith talking about sex, relationships, and what an accomplished sex-doer he is.

The clips are from a show called Mingle City that was filmed sometime in 2008. This one shows Smith telling a story about a time when he ended a fight with his girlfriend because he was hypnotized by her butt, and features him describing himself as a “booty, leg, and hip man to the core.”

Everyone please congratulate Stephen A. Smith on having a girlfriend who was “Kardashian, J. Lo, Beyoncé type stacked.”


Anyway, here’s another clip in which Stephen A. expresses some progressive ideas about how it’s okay for a woman to be promiscuous... unless she is a “straight-up freak.”

There are more clips to watch at The Big Lead. Sorry for doing this to you.