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While Marcus "New Mexico" Vick continues to sit around and wait for the phone to ring — if you don't think there's a very nervous-looking Atlanta Falcons executive avoiding brother Ron Mexico's calls right now, you're not paying attention — we present you a happy non-drafted free agent story: Jai Lewis, one of the heroes of the George Mason Final Four team, was signed by the New York Giants this afternoon.

Lewis is attempting to make it as a tight end though, uh, he hasn't played organized football since high school. Not that it's necessarily stopping Jeremy Bloom, the pin-up boy skiier who was drafted by the Eagles. We are continually amazed by the overthinking that goes on in NFL offices sometimes. (Chuck Klosterman touched on this in his "The Texans are idiots for not drafting Reggie Bush" piece from over the weekend.) Teams are so obsessed with tools and size and speed and what-not, that the act of having actually played football is somehow of less importance. And you know what's weird? More often than not, they're right.


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