Browns safety Donte Whitner cracked a joke about the Bills leaving Buffalo last night and ended up chirping back and forth on Twitter with former Bills linebacker Darryl Talley and his wife.

The whole argument appears to have started when Whitner—who played five seasons for the Bills—joked about the team moving out of Buffalo.

Talley, who played in Buffalo for 12 seasons including their four consecutive Super Bowl appearances, caught wind of Whitner's comments Thurman Thomas's wife. Ex-Bills stay tight, apparently.

Talley's wife Janine got into the mix, and that's when Whitner mentioned their daughter.

According to reader AJ, Whitner tweeted out a screencap of a conversation he had with Talley's daughter, but quickly deleted it. Whether it was the tweet or the photo—or both—Darryl was furious.

Talley's threat is no "I hear and see everything mother fucker," but it's solid.

There's more uninteresting dick measuring, but that's a good place to stop. So, what have we learned? Don't talk about Darryl Talley's daughter, and in the case of Buffalo vs. Cleveland, no one really wins.

Additional h/t to Haz in Buffalo