Investigating The Unabookie

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All kinds of updates today in the scandal that, to swipe Off Wing Opinion's term, is the "Unabookie" scandal. (So named because the NHL's investigator is the same guy who nailed the Unabomber.)

First off, Wayne Gretzky, who didn't exactly have his wife's back from the get-go, has been caught, according to the Newark Star-Ledger, on wiretaps discussing the gambling. On the tapes, he appears fully aware of his wife's role. As Off Wing puts it, "This is like seeing Babe Ruth or Hank Aaron thrown into the dock." Remember, we're talking about Wayne Gretzky here. You can also expect many calls for him to recuse himself from his involvement with the Olympic team soon. (Oh, here's a rundown of Ms. Jones' "career.")

As for the Unabookie himself, Rick "The Rick" Toucchet, he's taking an immediate leave from the Coyotes and is expected to be arraigned in the next week. Tocchet's lawyer says, "Mr. Tocchet intends to fight these charges with the same grit and resolve he displayed throughout his long and illustrious NHL career." That is to say, he's going to hit the charges with a stick when they're not looking.


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(UPDATE: The Arizona Republic is reporting that Coyotes GM Mike Barnett made wagers with the Unabookie. Hoo boy.)