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"Is This For Real!?" Cleveland Media React Live On-Air To LeBron News

While the Internet reacted with its usual shock and awe upon learning the news that LeBron James is returning to Cleveland, nobody had more invested in King James's destination than residents of the North Coast. Here's how Cleveland's radio & TV outlets broke the news live on-air.


Up top we have WKNR radio, which reported the news amongst celebratory music and, it sounds like, quite a few tears. WKNR was one of only two major media outlets in Cleveland that actually had the news live; in a twist of fate, three of Cleveland's TV stations and its major news radio station WTAM were all at commercial when the news broke. Here's the one TV station that was live, ABC affiliate WEWS:

And here, in order, are NBC affiliate WKYC, CBS station WOIO, and Fox's WJW.

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