Pokémon canon appears to ignore the very real issue of carnivory. Is there Pokémon husbandry? Which Pokémon are raised, or hunted, or caught and trapped as food? Can vegetarians eat Bulbasaur? Nintendo has dodged this issue too long. These are the Pokémon I think would be tastiest.

1. Tauros

2. Snorlax

3. Kingler

4. Farfetch’d, who carries his own garnish

5. Exeggcute

6. Oddish

7. Chansey, served with its own egg

8. Ponyta

9. Psyduck

10. Squirtle

11. Seel

12. Shellder

13. Pidgeot

14. Tangela

15. Clefairy

16. Bellsprout

17. Omanyte


150. Getting hit by a Primeape

151. Geodude