On Thanksgiving, Jim Schwartz boned Jim Schwartz by throwing a challenge flag on Justin Forsett's 81-yard touchdown. But really, the NFL boned Jim Schwartz—the rule that you can't challenge a play that's automatically reviewed, and if you try, you're penalized and it's not reviewed, is awful, illogical, and frankly un-American.

This was one of those rules that was on the books because no one read it too closely, and it hadn't come into play. But no one can say the NFL isn't reactive—Ray Anderson, the VP of football operations, promised that the rule will be changed before the start of next season. From now on, if a coach throws a red flag on a scoring play, he'll still be penalized—but the play will be reviewed. Sanity!

Other changes on tap for 2013: the NFL promises to more strictly enforce an existing rule that prevents coaches from wandering onto the field, aka the Jim Harbaugh Rule. And the league hopes to be "more proactive" in monitoring field conditions, aka the Robert Griffin III's Exploding Knee Ligaments Rule.