It's Not Just Seattle That Hates The Refs

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A lot of what we've pointed out to you this morning has implied that the only people frustrated by the repeatedly terrible calls in last night's Super Bowl were angry Seahawks fans. We want to make clear that's hardly the case.

The most damning compilation of complaints is brought to us by Football Outsiders, in their big post-game wrapup. It got so bad that even Skip Bayless, who, as FO puts it, "would rather rip his own balls off with his teeth than say something nice about the city of Seattle," has trashed the officials.

We think the game was poorly officiated too, and it did seem to consistently go against the Seahawks, and though we don't think it was any kind of "fix," it's clear that the "bad officials" storyline is going to stick for a while. Some have said the outcry could lead to changes in the way the NFL structures its officiating, but they said that after the American League Championship Series in baseball too, and everyone's already forgotten about that.


What will be the lasting image of the game? Sadly, you know the NFL Films highlights will burn Jerome Bettis into our brain. We'll forget about the officials, because we'll forget about the game. Penalty flags, they just don't resonate through the decades, you know?

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