Donald Sterling was back in court today against his wife Shelly. His testimony had a few bizarre moments yesterday, and the circus continued today. More importantly, though, there's a strong feeling that this shit won't be over before the NBA Board of Governors meeting on July 15 to approve Steve Ballmer as new Clippers owner.

Donald's testimony got off to a lovely start:

And he continued to needle Shelly's lawyer Bert Fields like he did yesterday:

Donald didn't hold back when discussing Shelly and her position with the Clippers:

At one point, he called her a "bitch" or "pig," depending on who you believe:

Here's the crucial part, however. Donald's hellbent on keeping this going. He made it very clear in court, as he has before:

Even the judge doesn't believe this'll be over by July 15:

Right now, we're all speculating on when LeBron's signing with a team, but July 15 will be another big NBA date to eye as this trial progresses.