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Jaden Smith Lookalike Boxer Gets The Body Thetans Knocked Out Of Him

OK, so first things first: the above man folded-up and leaned against the ropes like a lawn chair at a t-ball game is not dead. The accompanying video is not a snuff film. Let’s proceed.

The not-dead man who, it must be said, looks exactly like Jaden Smith, is almost definitely not Jaden Smith. His name is Dominic Goode. At the very moment captured by the screenshot, it is Jan. 24, 2015. Goode is still an 0-3 boxer in the second round of a match against Courtney Blocker, a 3-0 boxer who has won all of his professional fights by knockout. The fight is not over, but Goode is asleep, and perhaps short one leg. Goode is asleep because seconds before, Blocker took a hopping start, reached behind his ear, procured a figurative cinderblock, and then threw the cinderblock through Goode’s cheek, eye socket, and temple. Here is a screenshot of the exchange, taken at the exact moment dozens of spirits are fleeing their host ...


and a video ...

... and, lastly, a GIF:

Goode is now 0-4, and has developed the ability to move objects with his mind.

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