Janet Jones: Hockey's Yoko?

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As Wayne Gretzky heads to the Olympics, where the scandals are less about bookies and more about the illegality of baldness prevention medicines, it's clear, no matter your thoughts on gambling, the fella is having one of the worst weeks of his life. And so much of it centers around Janet Jones, a woman who has never been particularly popular with Canadians and certainly won't improve if they don't win the gold medal next week.

In fact, Jones has long been considered Yoko to Gretzky's Lennon. She is perceived as having steered him away of The Great White North and toward Hollywood and all America's excess. (By "excess," we mean "Police Academy sequels.") And now she has him gambling in Vegas and on horses but, uh, nowhere else while she puts down $100K in bets herself.


We'd like to note that Jones' personal spokesperson is a man named Elliot Mintz. You might recognize that name as — yep — Yoko Ono's publicist.

And hey, he's the Hilton sisters' too.

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