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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

With time running out in a blowout, Washington's JaVale McGee found himself with 12 rebounds, 12 blocks — and 9 points. You think he wanted that triple-double? The final 3:43 of the game consisted solely of McGee taking shots and turning the ball over as Chicago continued to score.


And then, with 18 seconds left, McGee finally got his dunk, screaming and hanging on the rim like he'd just won a title. In reality, the Wizards were down 20, and on their way to being a 16-50 team, and he was whistled for excessive celebration. A very JaVale McGee triple-double.

It reminded us of Ricky Davis, who, a board shy of his own triple-double, shot at his own basketball to grab the rebound. That was exactly eight years ago today. These aren't the plays that make NBA highlight collections, but they should be.

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