No NBA player is closer to Deadspin's heart than JaVale McGee. That's because JaVale McGee only makes spectacular plays—the plays that no one else in the NBA could or would make, because they're cowards. To commemorate the man with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, here's the best of McGee from 2012.

This Is Why JaVale McGee Is The Best Thing In The NBA

JaVale McGee hustles back on defense, his team stays on offense. The moment we fell in love. Watch »

JaVale McGee In 60 Seconds Goaltends, Misses A Dunk, Falls Down, And Has A Shot Blocked Into His Face

JaVale McGee doesn't make highlight reels, he makes experience reels. Watch »

JaVale McGee Performs Perfectly Terrible, Ridiculous, Awful Play

On a 9-9 shooting night, JaVale McGee dribbles downcourt like a tipsy fifth-grader. Watch »

JaVale McGee Had A Bad Minute During Last Night's Nuggets-Knicks Game

McGee induces a fantastic George Karl reaction gif. Watch »


JaVale McGee Gave Jason Kidd The Easiest Steal Of His Career Tonight

Remember, this is a man with 2,593 steals. Watch »

JaVale McGee Volleyball-Served A Goaltend Into The Fifth Row

JaVale McGee hates basketballs. Watch »

JaVale McGee Does JaVale McGee Thing, Wins Game For Nuggets In His Debut, Because JaVale McGee Is The Best

JaVale McGee makes Greg Monroe look foolish, wins game with a monster dunk. Watch »

JaVale McGee Gave Us The Going-Away Present Of Trying To Dunk His Own Missed Free Throw

With five seconds left in his season, JaVale McGee chases his dreams. Watch »

Roundup: Your Best JaVale McGee Photoshop Contest Submissions

ESPN took a funny photo of JaVale McGee, and then you folks worked your magic. Read »