It's World Cup time, which means that every single magazine and newspaper on this beautiful earth of ours, maybe, will be trying to somehow incorporate soccer onto its covers. Vogue España is no different and this year, they featured Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo with his model ladyfriend Irina Shayk. And, yep, Ronaldo is butt-ass naked.

This is alarming, because though we've seen this beautiful, buff man down to his skivvies on many occasions, we've never just seen him all the way naked, all at once. But if you look closely at the full photo below—and we have—you can even see the outermost reaches of the Portuguese's probably-perfectly manscaped pubic area.

Irina looks pretty good too.

Anyway, this is the last time that we, as Americans, will be allowed to gawk slack-jawed at Ronaldo for the next couple of months. Portugal were drawn into Group G in the World Cup with the US men's national team, as well as Germany and Ghana. We'll have to root against him, but at least now, when we're going through withdrawal, we'll have this to get us through.