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Jay Bilas Will Sue Your Ass

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As an analyst, we've always liked ESPN's Jay Bilas. He's smart, low-key, occasionally understatedly funny and looks like the late, lamented Gob. We've been somewhat less impressed with his appearances around the ESPN loop in the last week talking about the Duke lacrosse case. He's a lifelong Dookie and seems more interested in protecting his school's reputation than anything else, though he's still a more intelligent voice that anything you'll find on the cable news networks. (Honestly, Fox News had freaking Mark Furhman on to talk about this case the other day. The only person who might have less to say about this is that dog with its head in a pipe.)


We always forget that Bilas is, in fact, a practicing lawyer, for Moore & Van Allen in Charlotte. His bio page is right here, and it has this great morsel: Representative Cases: Lyons Partnership v. Morris Costumes, Inc., et al. (N.C. Superior Court). Successfully defended costume shop against trademark-copyright action brought by owners of children's television character Barney. "

Not only is Bilas a successful analyst, an accomplished lawyer and actor in Dolph Lundgren movies, he's also against Barney. What's not to love?

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