Jeff Francoeur's Teammates Pulled A Hilarious Weeks-Long Prank On Him

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Jeff Francoeur's currently playing for the El Paso Chihuahuas, the Padres' Triple-A affiliate, and he was recently the victim of a truly funny month-long prank at the hands of his teammates.

The team convinced Francoeur that Chihuahuas pitcher Jorge Reyes was deaf. This prank somehow lasted a month, per the YouTube description. [Update: That's taking a little poetic license, as someone on Twitter pointed out. Frenchy hasn't been with the team for a month. We've changed the headline to reflect that.] Occasionally, Reyes would unintentionally tip off that he wasn't deaf, like talking to teammates after a game, but Francoeur didn't catch on.


First baseman Cody Decker put together a short film on the whole joke. Many of Francoeur's teammates call him an idiot.


"How can somebody be this stupid?" Brooks Conrad asks in wonder. Francoeur's still stunning people, even in the minors.


Be sure to stick around for the end, when Frenchy finds out he's been had.

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