Jerome Bettis: Vice President Of Smiley Cookies

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Everyone in Pittsburgh wants to give Jerome Bettis a job. And some clever chap at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review decided to call around and see what kind of jobs were out there for big Jerome. And I think some of these people are serious.

Of course, being a bus driver is an option, complete with the requisite "we already know he can make his way through traffic" joke. The UPMC Center for Sports Medicine wants to hire him as a concierge. Highmark Blue Cross Blue Sheild wants him as a trainer. Also, and this one is my favorite, Eat'n Park has a job for him:

An official at Eat'n Park said the company would create a new position just for Bettis — vice president of Smiley Cookies.

"He'd be responsible for thinking up the next type of cookie and handle all the taste-testing," said Kevin O'Connell, senior vice president of marketing at Eat'n Park. "Smiley would report directly to Jerome."


I could see Bettis taking this job very seriously; sitting in an office, trying different cookies and saying things like, "Yeah, this one's good, but we need to top it with some ground beef. Maybe some cole slaw."

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