Joba Chamberlain's Mustache Is Coming In Nicely

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We saw nascent stirrings of this on photo day, but it looks like Joba Chamberlain's mustache is officially going to be a thing.

As fans of mustaches and fans of Chamberlain doing weird stuff, we fully support the growth initiative. The added bulk has moved him beyond Farva territory, and into the rarified air of Rollie Fingers and Rod Beck, among other great relief staches of the past. But the mustache isn't just decorative; we need to see it in action.

How does it look while delivering a pitch?


Fantastic. The bristle and the girth combine to tell a batter that this is a man who was probably out late, and sees two or more strike zones. Yeah, he's probably shanked a man over a parking spot. What of it?

Now, for the final test. How does the mustache look on Chamberlain when he's looming in the background, smiling at a small child unaware of his presence?