So, Joe Cowley. Hilarious satirist, or serial sexist? We'll try to address that soon, but first, let's discuss why you are watching the final tournament fight scene from The Karate Kid scored to Joe Esposito's "You're The Best Around." It seems Cowley had a signature sign off for those he was through antagonizing: "Now cue my damn music..[link to a video from the fucking Karate Kid.]"

Earlier today, Cowley went on a sexist rant (that he claimed was "satire" before deleting his Twitter account). As it happens, this was not the first time Cowley condescended and demeaned a fellow reporter, either. Back on April 1, 2012, Jessica Danielle wrote an article on criticizing Cowley's take on the Matt Forte situation in Chicago. In the initial post, she mistakenly called Joe Cowley "Jeff Crowley." All it takes is a spark. From Jessica:

So he responds with (as you can see from the screen caps) "Jessica, if you're going to pretend to know what you're talking about at least get my name right." So I told him that I'd correct his name but I wasn't sure why he wanted credit for what he wrote. After that he lets off a string of sexist remarks...

He also told me that I would miss him (huh? I don't even follow him) and sent me some on you tube to say good bye. CRAZY

Below are some screencaps she took before Cowley (or someone else) deleted his account. Highlights include referring to Danielle as a "good girl," dismissing her criticism as merely a woman playing the "cool chick" that likes sports role and, finally he drops the stick to fashion and "I'll handle the heavy lifting." You know, just as, like, a "for instance," the heavy lifting of comparing sports to HGTV. (Click to expand.)


In the inestimable words of of Bill Conti, as interpreted by Cowley favorite, Joe Esposito,—history repeats itself.