Joe Montana Needs The Cash Money

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Last week, we told you about how sad we were for Joe Montana that he was seemingly willing to hawk any product that would pay him. But now we don't think it's a dignity thing; we're now geniunely concerned if Montana is having money problems.

As most of you have probably seen already, Montana reportedly turned down the opportunity to be with other Super Bowl MVPs last night because the league wouldn't meet his $100,000 asking price for an appearance fee. Terry Bradshaw also didn't show up, though we have a feeling that had something to do with Kathy Bates.


We're not sure what's going on with Montana, but clearly something's up. For years, we thought Montana's hesitance to join the TV gaggle of talking heads was something admirable, maybe a rare desire for a human being to spend at least a wee bit of time out of the public eye. But now we're thinking that maybe he just didn't want to get paid for actually doing work; he wanted to get paid simply to appear. And now that he's back around so much, we're wondering if anyone will pay him to disappear, again.

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