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Joey Harrington's Negotiating Position

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Let's say, hypothetically speaking, that you were a computer programmer who had just signed a four-year contract with, oh, Dell, a company that couldn't wait to have you come in. In fact, they were so excited to have you on board that they restructured their entire organization just so that you succeed. But it turned out that you still weren't very good; in fact, everything you did somehow drove down the entire value of Dell.

Your response, of course, would be to demand that they trade you to Apple.

"I chose Miami," said Lions quarterback Joey Harrington, "because, No. 1, they didn't promise me anything, and No. 2, I believe I'll have the chance to compete. ... They need somebody to fill a spot right now — with the guy they traded for injured — so it gives me a chance to earn people's respect right away.


It apparently doesn't take much to demand a trade these days. At this rate, Scott Spezio is going to command the Cardinals to trade him to Arizona because it will "give him a chance to earn people's respect right away." In fact, we think Mike Brown did this with FEMA almost immediately after Katrina.

Why Harrington Followed The Sun [Detroit Free Press]

(UPDATE: A reader writes: "you may have missed the point on harrington.. he's due a roster bonus in june and they certainly aren't going to give it to him... so the lions' choice is to either trade him prior to that date or release him... so joey is holding the cards... he may or may not be an nfl quarterback but certainly not being able to get anything done in detroit isn't a sign of much of anything... they haven't been able to find a qb since bobby layne ... and in this case, matt millen screws up again by losing all leverage in a trade."

Eh ... he still sucks.)

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