John Kruk Hints At The Gross Thing He Did As A Player During Rain Delays

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Today’s Phillies-Mets game broadcast only on Facebook was fittingly delayed nearly two hours due to rain, so announcer Scott Braun asked color commentator Cliff Floyd what he did to pass the time during rain delays. Floyd said he’d text with friends, watch whatever other game was on, and try to stay calm. Then Braun turned to Kruk.

“I know we’re not censored here, but I can’t tell you what I did during rain delays,” Kruk said. “Well, I’ll tell you after the game’s over. I can’t get into it now. Let’s put it this way: I wasn’t watching any video of any pitcher.”

Did ... did John Kruk jerk off during rain delays? Did he do it during today’s rain delay? Best not to think about that. But if he did, hopefully he took Phillies manager Gabe Kapler’s advice and used coconut oil.