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So we'll confess: We missed what appears to be a legendary performance by figure skater Johnny Weir last night. We don't mean on the ice, of course, though he is in second place after the short program. We mean during his interviews, in which Weir preened and vowed that he is not a diva, while wearing Southeast Jerome sunglasses and wearing a CCCP sweatshirt. He was In fact, he's rocking the establishment in a truly FAB-u-LOUS! way.

"I know that a lot of people, especially the more Republican-style people, are very afraid of what I mean to the sport and what I'm going to say, what kind of revolutionary, crazy things are going to come out of my mouth. Good for them, they should be scared."


OutSports points out that while this interview was going on, "What A Girl Wants" was playing on Weir's car stereo. They also chime in with this observation about the closet world of figure skating:

As he walked out of the arena Tuesday night, he looked at the camera seductively, then shimmied his shoulders while throwing his head back. If Weir, 21, is not gay, then neither are we.

We also enjoyed Weir's heart-sprinkled sweater with Matt Lauer this morning, though something bewildered us: Weir said that the Olympics were the first time his father and brother had ever seen him skate in international competition. That made us sad, somehow.

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(UPDATE: Our sisters and brothers at Gawker have dug up video of Johnny, because they're better at this than we are.)