Jonathan Papelbon Subjected His Teammates To Terrible Pro-Trump Music

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If there’s one thing you can say about Jonathan Papelbon, the ass-faced former Nationals closer who moves through life like an angry 14-year-old with a boner, it’s that he is always exactly who you expect him to be.

The Nationals released Papelbon over the weekend, and that meant it was time for writers and reporters to dish some gossip. The Washington Post’s Dan Steinberg provided us with this gem:

Now maybe players don’t, or shouldn’t, care whether the home fans like them. If a Nationals player did care, though, he probably wouldn’t have wanted to wear a T-shirt reading “Obama can’t ban these guns” to his let’s-make-amends spring training news conference. Nor would he have, on multiple occasions, played a political anthem while reporters were inside the Nats clubhouse.

The ditty was called “Vote For Trump,” and it included promises that “the wall will get built by Mexico” and that Trump would “bring back country [and] get rid of rap,” also noting that “if you don’t like it you can all just kiss our ass.”


Here’s that song, if you’re interested:

Subjecting your teammates to terrible political music is bad, but I suppose it’s better than terrorizing them with porn.