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Judge Rules V. Stiviano Must Return $2.6 Million To Shelly Sterling

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Before the world knew V. Stiviano as the girlfriend former Clippers owner Donald Sterling made racist comments to on tape, Shelly Sterling was suing her for $2.8 million. Shelly Sterling’s lawyers argued in court that that, because she and Donald Sterling are married and their assets are community property, he wasn’t free to give anything away to Stiviano without her consent.

According to the AP, today a Los Angeles County judge ruled in Shelly Sterling’s favor, ordering V. Stiviano to return $2.6 million in gifts to her. Stiviano’s lawyers argued that Donald and Shelly Sterling were separated at the time, and thus any gifts were Donald Sterling’s to give, and that Shelly Sterling couldn’t prove the gifts were given to Stiviano by Donald Sterling. The judge rejected those arguments.

Two weeks ago, the Los Angeles Times reported on the gifts at the center of the dispute. Most prominent were the $1.8 million house, $1.2 million in cash, and the $400,000 in cars that Donald Sterling gave to Stiviano. But Shelly Sterling’s lawyers didn’t just focus on the big ticket items. Shelly Sterling’s lawyers used receipts and recordings to document everything Donald Sterling gave to Stiviano, like a $12 thong and a $1 donation in her name. Here is the LA Times’ incomplete list of those small-time gifts:

  • $925 — dry cleaning
  • $843 — skin treatment
  • $695 — Chanel thong sandals
  • $391 — Easter bunny costume
  • $354 — birthday cake
  • $299 — two-speed blender
  • $140 — Kobe 8 System Nike basketball shoes
  • $12 — lace thong
  • $1 — donation to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital as part of a purchase at a CVS store

As usual, Shelly Sterling, the Clippers Number 1 Fan , comes out on top.


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