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Jumping From The Colts Bandwagon As If It's On Fire

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I think it's fair to say that this Colts fan is just a tad disgruntled. He has listed the following item on EBay: "A stinking Helmet signed by peyton manning....... aka CHOKE ARTIST."

Surprisingly enough, Peyton left "CHOKE ARTIST" out of his signature on the helmet. It does come with a certificate of authenticity, but there's no word on whether or not you get the black and white picture with the word "LOSER" scribbled over it. If you do buy it, though, it's like a seashell. You can hold it up to your ear, and you can hear it blame the offensive line.


The same person is also selling an autographed Mike Vanderjagt 8x10 (the bidding, inexplicably, is at $41), that the seller describes by saying, "Makes me want to choke everytime I look at it!!!!!!"

I'd hate to think it was Lil' Ronnie selling these, but hey... studio time isn't free.

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