Junior Hockey Players Allegedly At Party Where Women Sexually Assaulted

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According to an utterly horrifying report out of Canada, “approximately 10” players from the Cobourg Cougars—a junior hockey team that plays in the Ontario Junior Hockey League—allegedly attended a 50-person house party last weekend where numerous instances of rape and sexual assault are alleged to have occurred. Via QMI (a major Canadian media conglomerate):

A number of postings are on social media including one of a trophy that appears similar to the Stanley Cup with the plaque reading “Cobourg Cougars Classic” and the statement below it reading “Whoever hooked up with the most broads last night gets the cup” and the hashtag #consentisoverrated.

Cobourg lies a little over an hour east of Toronto, and an Ontario Provincial Police spokesperson said they were “tracking social media” and that the investigation could be “far-reaching.” One person told QMI that, at 2 a.m., numerous men were kicked out of the party while some women were "allowed" to stay:

Shortly after 2 a.m. a number of people were asked to leave, but only certain women were allowed to stay, said one person who attended the party.

“I was shocked,” the person said. “But once I heard the story, how they kicked all the guys out of the party near the end of the party I thought that was kind of weird.”


While the number of victims wasn’t given, the police spokesperson told QMI that “numerous people were allegedly sexually assaulted,” while QMI reports that “four young women were allegedly sexually assaulted at the party, and that they were allegedly violated multiple times.”


Photo via Dave Sandford/Getty