Kareem Hunt Was A Suspect In A Nightclub Assault In January [Update]

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Former Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt was listed as part of a group that allegedly assaulted a man in a Kansas City nightclub hours after the Chiefs were eliminated from the playoffs in January. TMZ and KCTV5 reported today that a Kansas City man had filed a police report for aggravated assault on Jan. 11, alleging that he was beaten up after he stepped in to defuse a situation between a friend and a group of men that included Hunt and former Chiefs RB George Atkinson.

The incident happened at Mosaic Ultra Lounge in downtown Kansas City around 2 a.m. on Jan. 7, shortly after the Titans defeated the Chiefs, 22-21. The unnamed accuser told police that when he approached the group, Atkinson punched him in the shoulder, and though the victim tried to fight back, he was overrun and kicked to the point of unconsciousness by three men, one of whom he identified as Hunt. The accuser was taken to the emergency room with a slate of serious injuries. Via KCTV5:

The victim went to an area hospital emergency room where he was treated for a broken rib, a broken nose, as well as multiple bruises and contusions. He also had a small laceration to the upper left corner of his mouth and a laceration to his inner left lip.


The alleged victim said he initially didn’t want to go to the cops, but was persuaded to by his family. Kansas City police looked into the case after the report was filed, but the complainant stopped talking to them and the case was eventually dropped. Hunt and Atkinson were never charged or arrested.


Update (12/4, 12:48 p.m. ET): TMZ has published video showing Hunt being restrained, supposedly moments after the alleged attack.