On a day that promises a lot of terrible tweets, Keith Olbermann is currently the leader in the clubhouse.
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On a day in which a lot of white people are definitely going to do and say a lot of stupid, ignorant, racist, and unnecessary things, Keith Olbermann decided he wanted to get the party started early on Election Day.

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The former ESPN anchor who recently left the worldwide leader to host a political show on YouTube said this in a now-deleted tweet this morning:


I have no idea what he meant to say or was trying to imply. And I say that as someone that has an Honors African-American Studies degree from an HBCU.

Oh yeah, and if you don’t know who Kunta Kinte is, I’m here to remind you that Google is free. Because I just don’t have it in me today, given the circumstances, to do the work for you. However, watching, or re-watching, “Roots” would serve a good portion of you some good, especially since it’s directly tied to what’s going on at this very moment.


Below you will find a few comments from the staff at Deadspin about how lost we all were about Olbermann’s tweet. Given that we felt like something had to be written about it, right?

“I’m as lost as a Falcons’ defensive coordinator in the fourth quarter.”

“I’m as lost as Tony La Russa trying to figure out White Sox players’ names.”

“I’m as lost as Melania’s body double trying to find the right pair of sunglasses when she realizes she has to be on stage in 5 minutes.”


“I’m as lost as Jon Gruden’s mask.”

“I’m as lost as an undecided voter.”

None of us knew what was going on. And Twitter felt the same way.



And there’s this one.


And this one, too.


Olbermann eventually deleted the tweet and tried to explain himself. The reasoning is still stupid.


So, what’s the lesson for today kids?

That white people shouldn’t talk about slavery in any way, ever.

Unless they’re working on a plan for reparations.


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