Pundit fight! Last night, former NBA player and current Comcast SportsNet Chicago Bulls analyst Kendall Gill started a physical altercation with Tim Doyle of the Big Ten Network, after Doyle made some disparaging remarks about Gill's analysis.

According to Chicago Business' Danny Ecker, the fight started after a taping of Sports Talk Live, during which Doyle criticized Gill's on-air analysis of the controversial play that had ended the Nuggets-Bulls game the night before. In other words, Doyle told everyone that Gill's hot sports takes were not all that hot. Gill did not take kindly to this:

Mr. Gill approached Mr. Doyle and called him out for his comments, which escalated to a shoving match and ultimately Mr. Gill throwing a punch at Mr. Doyle. The two bumped up against a sign on the wall and a small amount of blood was drawn (though it was unclear exactly how) before the two were separated.


Man, you know it's a good fight when blood is spilled but nobody knows where it came from. A CSN Chicago news director told Ecker that Gill will not be appearing on air until an investigation into the incident is complete. If Gill gets fired, we should all hope that he gets a job on First Take, just so that he can threaten to beat up Skip Bayless every day.

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