Kevin Durant Has Logged On

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The biggest downside—or upside, depending on your point of view—to Kevin Durant’s clearly unmild calf injury is that he has more time to spend online. He was already extremely online, even if you’re only counting his main and not his dozen burners, but injured Durant has extra time to contemplate his future and get in his feelings and beef in the replies. It’s all very relatable, except for the whole demigodlike-athletic-ability thing.

Before Game 2 against Portland last week, Seth Curry offered the take that the Warriors’ ball movement with Steph Curry and Klay Thompson as the focal points of their offense makes them harder to guard—“not a better team,” as Seth made very certain to point out—than when Durant was the first option. It’s an interesting idea, but Durant (@easymoneysniper) wasn’t here for the debate.


After Saturday’s game, Durant got cranky over—well, I guess over the very mention of the true fact that he’s injured and the Warriors are still a good team.


“Very divisive Mikey” is the “I’m trying Jennifer” of 2019.

Ahead of tonight’s Game 4, and perhaps a sweep without him, Durant is once against not mad online:

NBA free agency kremlinology via social media is occasionally silly, but it’s definitely not useless. Perhaps especially not for a player like Durant, whose true self is so close to the surface in his posts, the level of clarity they offer is perhaps surpassed only by the content of his Finsta posts. This is a dude who thinks enough about his legacy, and who cares about what other people think of it, to yell at randos online. That’s exactly the level of fragility and impulse control that might lead someone to give the prime of their life to the New York Knicks.