Knicks File For Trademarks On Five Potential D-League Team Names

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Last week, the Knicks announced they'd be soliciting fan suggestions for a name for their new D-League team, to begin play in Westchester next season. Three days before that, the Knicks filed for trademarks on five potential team names. So, good luck with your submission, I guess.

The Wall Street Journal dug up the five trademark filings at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. They are:

  • The New York 914s (after the area code for Westchester County).
  • The New York 'Bockers (self-explanatory).
  • The New York Plainsmen (after White Plains, home to the Westchester County Center where the team will play).
  • The New York Empire (self-explanatory)
  • The New York Hutch (after a nickname for major north-south artery the Hutchinson River Parkway, which is itself named after Anne Hutchinson, a British-born religious figure who settled in the area. Like "Knicks," it's a throwback to the area's colonial history.)

Fans will get to vote on the team's name in a couple of weeks, hopefully providing a nice distraction from that whole finishing-in-position-for-the-lottery-in-a-strong-draft-but-not-having-a-pick thing.

Please leave your suggestion for the Knicks' D-League team below.