Kyle Turley Is Not Getting The Hint

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Kyle Turley's back problems have kept him out of the NFL since 2003. He missed the entire 2004 season due to the back, and he sat out 2005 after he failed a physical with the Rams. But he's been rehabbing the bejeezus out of it, he's dropped about 50 pounds, and now, he wants to play tight end.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that you should probably not draft him in the first round of your fantasy draft. He's being given a chance by the Dolphins very similar to what they're doing with Marcus Vick. He'll get a little bit of a tryout, and if he shows up, plays well, and Marcus doesn't cripple him with a well-placed leg stomp, he'll be given a contract for training camp.


I'd like to believe in you, Kyle, but... well, I never really liked you much when you were healthy. And taking two years off with back problems, and then coming back at a different position, well, that seems desperate to me. But hey, good luck. And keep the Arena League in mind.

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