Kyler Murray Tries Very Hard Not To Talk About His NFL Future In Awkward Radio Interview

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Oakland Athletics draft pick and NFL draft prospect Kyler Murray is in a precarious position, as he has to figure out whether he wants to choose to play baseball or football, or even some combination of the two. If he’s planning to do interviews while plugging a salty sports drink, maybe he could stand to actually talk.

Murray doesn’t have to explain his plans right now if he doesn’t want to, but he (or his dad) can’t be so naive that they think someone won’t ask basic questions about it. Today’s conversation on The Dan Patrick Show was filled with big gaps of excruciating silence whenever the host asked practically anything related to the NFL.

The most painful part was at the 6:55 mark. Here’s a partial transcript, although transcribing it doesn’t really help much:

DAN PATRICK: Are you going to the combine?

KYLER MURRAY: [long silence] I dunno.

PATRICK: Uh—Dad, is he going to the combine?

KEVIN MURRAY: [offscreen] No comment.

PATRICK: Dad had no comment there. Pro Day?

MURRAY: I mean, that’s after the combine.

PATRICK: Yeah, you gonna do a Pro Day?

MURRAY: [Awkwardly laughs as if Dan Patrick just asked him whether he’s circumcised]


MURRAY: [Looks offscreen] I guess, we’ll see, yeah.

PATRICK: Yeah, yeah. It’s okay. You can have a Pro Day.

MURRAY: That would imply that I was going to play football.

PATRICK: Uh, okay. So you’re gonna have a Pro Day? When do you report for the Oakland A’s?

MURRAY: February 15.

PATRICK: Ooh, you knew that. Okay. So you’re ready to go to do that.

MURRAY: [silent]

PATRICK: Wait, are you going to spring training?

MURRAY: [Laughs] I don’t know.

PATRICK: You don’t know?! Dad, is he going to spring training? Another no comment here. You know, these microphones are on right now.


Murray opened up more when it was time to talk about the salty sports drink, as well as Oklahoma Sooners football. Later on, Patrick asked how it felt to know that every interview he did would prod him the same questions. “I’m getting pretty good at answering these questions,” Murray said. Agree to disagree.