Lakers Take 3-1 Series Lead

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I've got a feeling that Suns fans are about to break into a terrific Seattle Seahawks fans impression. Kobe Bryant just buried a jumper from the elbow at the end of overtime to give the Lakers a 3-1 lead in their series against the Suns.

At the end of regulation, James Jones was pretty clearly held as he went up for a lob pass on an inbounds play that could've given the Suns the lead. And at the end of overtime, setting up Kobe's jumper, Steve Nash 1) tried to call a timeout, and 2) thought he was fouled, as he was tied up to force a jump ball between himself and Luke Walton. Walton won the tip, Kobe collected the ball, came down and stuck a contested jumper to give the Lakers the win.


And this was after the end of the regulation period, when Smush Parker harassed Nash into a turnover, tipped the ball of Devan George, who then handed it off to Kobe who hit a crazy high-off-the-glass layup to tie the score. Kobe then hugged Smush, grabbed his head, and repeated twice into his ear, "You're a bad motherfucker."

As it turns out, the monster dunk over Nash in Game Three was only part one of Kobe's "I Got Your MVP Right Here" statement.


Phoenix 98, LA Lakers 99 []