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Last Chance For Knicks Tickets!

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Oh, it's a sad day in New York City: Madison Square Garden is hosting the final Knicks home game of what has almost certainly been one of the most destructive single seasons in recent NBA history. We don't even have the heart to relist it all. It's just too gruesome.

As the Knicks host the Bobcats, it's Fan Appreciation Night at the Garden. The giveaways include two free music downloads from Foot Locker ... and that's pretty much it, save for, you know, "we can't believe you actually showed up tonight." Coach Larry Brown won't be in attendance tonight, still reeling from his stomach ailments, and many wonder if he'll ever be back at all. The whole thing is just too sad to think about; you can't even take satisfaction in it. We can't stand the Knicks, and it's still like cheering car accidents. We suspect many of you disagree, though, and we understand that too.


Tickets are still available. Get your colostomy bags at the door.

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