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LeBron Is Actually A Quite Cooler Name Than Gilbert

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Well, even though some people insist it's not that important of a game, it's pretty hard not to be at least slightly fired up about Game 5 in the Cavaliers-Wizards series tonight.

Once the unusually start-timed (note: "start-timed" is not an actual adjective) Pistons-Bucks game ends, it'll be LeBron vs. Gilbert Arenas again, with all kinds of confused Clevelanders jumping up and down and yelling. And that's just because Jim Thome walked by.


We're not sure what more to say about this game, so we're going to simply point out that we just noticed we have never once mentioned LeBron James' fingernail chewing habit on this site. What do people think of that? Did he explain it one time? By now, is he just chewing on bone?

Honestly, when you combine that with the beard, you're just begging for an infection.

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