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Well, perhaps this is one of those games they will end up remembering.

LeBron James' twisting, physics-defying, insane that-couldn't-really-have-been-that-easy layup last night as time expired gave Cleveland a 3-2 lead in the series and officially notched LeBron's first official Gatorade highlight reel in the year 2018 moment.

We're not particularly adept at NBA-as-poetry, so we'll leave it to the experts in the field, Free Darko:

He's so next at this point that it might end up being some shit that, for anyone else, would be a wildly contingent move of a lifetime. LeBron, though, has mastered basketball fate itself, like if Posieden cared for whitewater rafting. Or the inverse of an improvisation that seems like it must've been written.

By the way, our sympathies to Wizards fans, particularly the folks at Wizznutzz, who not only had to deal with a crushing loss, but the indignity of the misunderstood. Anyone who has any question about the intelligence of those guys, we cannot possibly recommend more that you head to the site and get yourself educated.


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