LeBron James Had To Stop David Blatt From Preventing His Game-Winner

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When we last checked in on David Blatt, he was being physically restrained from calling a timeout Cleveland didn’t have in the final seconds of today’s Game 4 between the Bulls and Cavaliers.

If the refs noticed Blatt’s blunder, the Bulls would have been awarded a technical free throw and the ball, and it’s possible LeBron’s epic game-winner never happens. As it turns out, if it wasn’t for James having an ounce of common sense, Blatt would’ve prevented the game-winner a second time.


At his postgame presser, James revealed Blatt (in a semi-controversial free timeout during a replay review) drew up the final play with James doing the inbounds passing. The two-time Finals MVP and four-time MVP more or less told his coach to fuck off with that nonsense:


Even noted scholar J.R. Smith was left questioning Blatt’s original plan, noting there was “doubt” at first (not “dumb,” as had been previously reported by those on scene) because Blatt had LeBron doing the inbounding.

Blatt has been mainly off the hot seat the past few months, as the Cavs got their shit together in January and finally played up to their capabilities. But the rookie head coach’s shortcomings have been magnified in the second round as he tries to maneuver through the playoffs without Kevin Love.


It was, frankly, an embarrassing final minute for Blatt on Sunday. Although he insists on people recognizing his decades of international experience, Blatt looked and sounded every bit as a first-year coach at the end of Sunday’s game.

Ultimately, LeBron’s brilliant shot happened in spite of his coach.

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