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• The Packers have once again extended their imaginary deadline for Brett Favre to make up his damn mind already. At this point, I think they should just announce that he's coming back and then hope he goes along with it. [The Sports Frog]

• Former gay NFL player (well, he's still gay, but he's not in the NFL anymore) Esera Tuaolo has a book. You can find an NPR interview and a book excerpt here. []

• Australia has banned all cheerleading groups from exposing their midriffs, as they feel it continues to young girls developing eating disorders. I'm sympathetic to the cause, but I am also willing to gamble that the percentage of Australian girls with eating disorders will remain unchanged. [World Chumps]


• Tampa Bay Devil Rays pitcher Casey Fossum can follow up a 90-mph fastball with a 47-mph curveball. Hey, why isn't Casey Fossum better? []

• The San Diego Chargers, feeling that they have too many good players on the roster, are trying to trade LB Donnie Edwards. I feel an 8-8 coming on. []

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