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• A list of seven sports movie/TV scenes that are nowhere near realistic. I object to the inclusion of The Naked Gun. I think Reggie Jackson tried to kill more foreign dignitaries than we'll ever know about. []

• Some NBA playoff poetry for you. You know how good this poetry is? It doesn't even rhyme. That's heavy, man. [SportsZilla]

• A long-suffering Royals fan sells his loyalty on EBay for $278. His friends bought it, and they will play a poker game to see who among them gets to choose the guy's new favorite team. They should make it a WNBA team. [Yahoo! Sports]

• A whole new way to rate the teams in the NHL Playoffs. presents the Playoff Beard Potential, or PBP, ratings. []

• The story of Matt Clanton, a former pitcher in the Cubs organization who accuses the Cubs and GM Jim Hendry of all kinds of nasty things. [Inside the Ivy]


• Hey, why aren't Buffalo and Ottawa resuming their NHL playof series until Monday? Because this particuar pirate adventure is very important, that's why. [ScotiaBank Place]