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• Swedish hockey players celebrate in a non-traditional way. I'm not judging. You just don't see it every day. [Jes Golbez's Hockey Rants]

• Sorry, Illinois, North Dakota, and IUP... the NCAA still doesn't like your mascots. [Double A Zone]

• Twenty years ago Saturday, Roger Clemens had a 20-strikeout game. If you want to reminisce, you're not going to do any better than this post. The detail is incredible. [Sheriff Sully]

• Wondering what Laurence Maroney was doing when the Patriots told him that they were drafting him? He was peeing. [Reiss's Pieces]

• Swarthmore College is picking a new mascot. The candidates: phoenix, gorilla, griffin, and manticore. Isn't that the name of the Tiger who tried to eat Roy? [Swarthmore]


• Gold-medal-winning sprinter Tim Montgomery has been arrested and charged with being connected to a giant bank fruad and money-laundering scheme. Montgomery doesn't seem to be living the cleanest of lives, since his gold medal victory. []